custom framing

Alternative Framing in Your Household

Expressing yourself in your living space is important. Without your distinct flair, a living space is just some furniture and walls. Looking to expand your decorative abilities with frames? Try some new ways to repurpose and optimize framing below. If you ever want to get a professional and top-of-the-line custom framing job you cannot have anywhere else, visit Framing Impressions in Plaistow, New Hampshire!

Create a Unique Serving Tray
Using an old frame as a serving tray is unique and allows for lots of creativity. If you are particularly attached to an old frame and just cannot let it go, this is a solid way to repurpose it.

Your guests will be excited and definitely enjoy the creative flair you add to their visit.

Use Frames as Tiles
On the other hand, you can use old, flat frames in a new way that does not keep them intact.  If you are in need of tiles or flooring and are looking for a unique way to decorate, frames can do the trick.

Use the frame corners as tiles and imprint your own unique design on the floor or ceiling! It will give the flooring a unique parquet design.

Expand Design Types
A great tip to achieve both uniformity and a flair of uniqueness is simple. Buy all the crazy frame designs you want, but keep the color pallet consistent – make sure all of the frames are the same color. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always go to Framing Impressions for custom framing.

Go Vintage
To add a completely different type of feel, add vintage frames to your collection. They will be unable to be matched, and are one-of-a-kind. The aging process gives these items a touch of class as well, and will give your photos a timeless look and elegance.