Three Things That Will Help You Find Your Frame Style

Art is one of the most beautiful and expressive mediums around. It’s so fun to dive in and create projects that bring out your personality or display other artistic bits that catch your eye. Finding a distinct decorative style is important. Luckily, Framing Impressions understands how large the world of frames is. If you struggle […]

Framing Impressions: Your Picture Framing Guides

We’ve all picked up a new hobby or interest that we knew little about at the beginning. That’s perfectly fine! Every day, we learn something new, and art is no exception. If you’re new to the world of picture framing, it can seem overwhelming. There are many decorative options, maintenance aspects, and also rules. However, […]

Celebrate Life With a Gift From Framing Impressions

When it comes time to celebrate a monumental event with a loved one, it can be difficult to find something special to gift them. Sure, there are cards, clothes, and other exciting items on the market. Still, how do you find something unique, heartfelt and affordable? You could get a start by utilizing Framing Impressions’ […]

Three Things that Framing Impressions Considers During The Custom Framing Process 

Getting some information about a service before you invest time and money into it is wise. Having some background information is important. Some customers are unsure about the custom framing process, or simply don’t know what it entails. The staff at Framing Impressions understands how personal the framing process can be, and we’re happy to […]

This Is Why Shadowboxes Are So Fun

Creativity comes in many forms. Music, art, and crafts are just a few of the ways you can open up and create a stunning product that is completely yours. Some have expected patterns or ideas to follow. Others are much more relaxed and allow you to get fully immersed in the project. Shadowboxes are exciting […]

Staying On Top of Framing Trends

Creative people who invest in custom framing tend to be quite well-versed in creating art or staying consistent. However, it can get difficult to stay creative sometimes. Finding trends and putting your spin on it is a great way to innovate and make your art stand out even more. So, to stay on top of […]

Finding The Ideal Frame

With so many choices, it’s no surprise that finding the right color for a project can be difficult. Where to begin when colors like periwinkle or lime green exist? Before you invest in custom framing, observe simple ways you can narrow down the field and find ideal frames for your art that work well. 1.) […]

Go Beyond Conventional Display With Custom Framing

Art is all about expression. It’s what draws so many people to it in the first place, and why it continues to thrive in all of its forms. When it comes to custom framing, there are plenty of ways you can take your framed piece and make it pop. It’s just a matter of knowing […]

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The Importance of Custom Framing Synergy

While Framing Impressions are big fans of getting creative and doing all sorts of designs with custom framing, we also understand the importance of a cohesive look and feel in the home. Synergy has its importance, and there are ways to ensure your art contributes to a consistent appearance.     A Calming Look Some […]

Trends In Framing

Current Color and Design Trends in Framing

Just because a frame has one simple job does not mean it has to be stoic and basic. Some new trends are on the rise to make your frames and their accompanying art pieces even more exciting and inviting. Check out some new trends on the rise below, and visit Framing Impressions in Plaistow, New […]