Trends In Framing

Current Color and Design Trends in Framing

Just because a frame has one simple job does not mean it has to be stoic and basic. Some new trends are on the rise to make your frames and their accompanying art pieces even more exciting and inviting.

Check out some new trends on the rise below, and visit Framing Impressions in Plaistow, New Hampshire for any type of custom framing job you may need!

Using Black and White Photos
There has always been a place for elegant black and white photos in home decor. Recently, it has become even more commonplace.

This trend corresponds with increasingly modern interior designs, which are better complimented by black and white photos. So, to keep up with the times and designs, more black and white photos are being hung in frames.

Subtle Coloring
Perhaps to compliment modern, streamlined designs even more, subtle gray and blue colors, even in frames, are making their presence known. Lots of hues are seeing the light of day, including some on the orchid spectrum as well.

The purpose is to compliment the art within and evoke some peaceful vibes. Blues and grays allow your art to be subtly elegant, while being bright enough to be noticed while maintaining a sense of stability.

Nautical and Sea-Inspired Decor
Decor has seen its waves of beach-inspired trends come and go time and time again, and the trend is rising once more with the emergence of plenty of subtle grays and blues in decor. The calming tones create opportunity to post art or other decorations that are slightly more creative.

Nautical options have been part of the trend, with plenty of shells, calming views, and the ocean taking center stage.

Subtle Elegance
While the understated has been seen constantly in homes, there has also been an increase in subtle flashes of color and glamor. Golds and metallics are a bit more prevalent, allowing for a bit of elegance in the decorative plans you hatch up.

These metallics are primarily seen on fabric finishes, which is exciting and gives your art a bit more dimension and sheen. Using such specialized fabric lends room for even more creativity. Go wild, and utilize custom framing jobs for an added creative touch.

The rise of subtlety in wall color has lent itself to an incoming of different textures to compensate for subtle walls. Different types of framing materials have been emerging, with metallics and different types of moulding leading the pack.

This adds an extra dimension to your art, and will help make your art stand out without becoming gaudy or over-the-top.

Boldness in the Foundation
Black or darkened frames have become very commonplace. The trend of neutral, subtle colors lets black frames shine – they are able to blend in a bit better and compliment the walls and surfaces instead of appearing loud. On the other hand, completely soft homes painted with whites are given a subtle, bold touch with a black frame, especially in doors.

Really, there is something for everyone with this trend!

Keeping tabs on current frame colors and trends will make decorating that much more fun. Look out for what other trends are on the horizon, and contact Framing Impressions for any custom framing needs!