Finding The Ideal Frame

custom framingWith so many choices, it’s no surprise that finding the right color for a project can be difficult. Where to begin when colors like periwinkle or lime green exist? Before you invest in custom framing, observe simple ways you can narrow down the field and find ideal frames for your art that work well.

1.) Look at the Art Itself

After all, isn’t that the whole reason you’re investing in a frame? A frame should compliment the art, being subtle enough to bring attention to it without being too overbearing or busy. The frame color or style can be complimentary to any of the highly visible colors in the art.

2.) Consider Your Space

Think about your home’s layout. What is the general color scheme of your space or room you plan to put a frame in? Keeping a consistent appearance makes it easy for you and your guests to digest the look and feel of your home, and a design that compliments your established theme will tie everything together.

3.) Ask An Expert

When all else fails and you aren’t sure how to display your art in the best way possible, a custom framing expert is sure to be a good resource. We know a lot about framing techniques and presentation, so we are able to show you different options for making your art look great with whatever frame style interests you.

Making your art the best it can be and displaying it is one of the biggest joys of collecting expressive pieces. When it comes time to arrange a display, bear these tips in mind so your frame looks great with whatever you plan on hanging up. For all of your custom framing needs, contact Framing Impressions. Give us a call at (603)-382-7400 and see what we can do for you today!