Mats: A Secure and Expressive Solution

picture framingWhen searching for picture framing solutions, it’s important to have function as well as personality in your pieces. Protecting your art ensures that you cherish it for that much longer. We at Framing Impressions proudly offer protective material that can be just as expressive as it is useful: mats.

Picture mats offer security from a design standpoint, as the material adds some extra distance between the art and the frame’s glass. Wear reduces at this point. Plus, the material keeps it in place and offers a solid picture framing foundation. For older art or art that is especially fragile, a mat is helpful and preserves the foundation of the art.

Mats aren’t all about function, though. They can be as expressive and vivid as art itself! There are several types of finishes to choose from: glossy, fabric, and other unique options are at our disposal for anyone who is interested. There are also a number of color choices too, so you can bring personality to your art as well. It’s an uncomplicated way to bring a pop of color to the hung art.

In addition to being supportive, mats can be customized and fitted to any frame. We at Framing Impressions have a computerized system where we take precise measurements and ensure they fit in each frame. Our process is neat, efficient, and proven to be successful.

When you invest in your art, you’ll receive more value and protection out of it. Having a mat in place is a simple but stylish way to make your art secure and expressive. Come by Framing Impressions and see all of our lovely mats, frames, and glass options. Give us a call at (603)-382-7400 and see what we can do for you today! We’re happy to offer various picture framing solutions.