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Custom Picture Framing

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Conservation Framing

We use only acid-free foam board and museum quality mat board to protect your work. Conservation glass is always recommended which blocks up to 98% of damaging U.V. rays. Depending on your piece, appropriate adhesives and/or mounting techniques are used to get the most life out of your art. Our mats come in a variety […]


A heat-activated foam board is used to permanently mount posters etc. This is not a conservation friendly process, however, it can make the art secure. It’s more of a transfer process, and less focused on old art. The process will provide a firm, uniform surface for your art and smooth out the art. It also […]


Preservation comes in many forms, and laminating is a process that has transcended the art world and been favored by many. Like dry mounting, it is also a heat set process. Lamination gets used after an item has been dry mounted to add a film of protection so no glass is needed. Lamination is an […]


Plaques are wonderful because there are so many options. As long as it can fit in a frame and be displayed, the opportunities are endless. Our custom framing expertise has lead us to encounter plenty of products that end up being part of plaque displays, from personal items to more decorative ones. Framing Impressions knows […]

Computerized Mat Cutting

Adding a pop of color to a frame will allow the art within to be more expressive, colorful, and vibrant. Still, it can be difficult to get precise measurements down to a science so they fit easily and well. Framing Impressions is proud to own technology that makes computerized mat cutting possible. Through our machinery, […]


One of the most unique types of art projects out there, shadowboxes are expressive and easy to do for any level crafter. Take a look at our various frames, boxes, and other materials and get started on creating your personal art display filled with whatever theme you desire! Shadowboxes are exciting, innovative, and very expressive. […]


Are you looking for a more precise, delicate piece of art? Framing Impressions is here to satisfy. We offer plenty of needlework items, spanning products made from cross-stitch, needlepoint, and other assorted weaving methods.   Needlework is a subtle but effective way to add some flair to your art without giving it a complete overhaul […]

Special Order Prints

In addition to the tools at our disposal to help your art look its best, we have prints available for your collection. We have plenty of options, and are excited to share them with you and showcase talented artists. Customer service is key, and that’s why we have such a wide selection and make this […]