Are you looking for a more precise, delicate piece of art? Framing Impressions is here to satisfy. We offer plenty of needlework items, spanning products made from cross-stitch, needlepoint, and other assorted weaving methods.  

Needlework is a subtle but effective way to add some flair to your art without giving it a complete overhaul or changing its integrity. Needlework can also be a very personal detail, which can make the art’s sentimental value even higher. Whether you want to add a little phrase or add some design work, we can do it for you to your specifications.

During the needlework process, Framing Impressions takes the time to get the details right and work with a careful routine. We stretch your needlework one pin at a time until all sides are square. Needlepoint pieces are always blocked before stretching to insure uniformity.