Staying On Top of Framing Trends

custom framingCreative people who invest in custom framing tend to be quite well-versed in creating art or staying consistent. However, it can get difficult to stay creative sometimes. Finding trends and putting your spin on it is a great way to innovate and make your art stand out even more. So, to stay on top of trends, Framing Impressions suggests the following.

1.) Find Publications

There are plenty of niche publications out there that cater to creatives and framing. Look around and see if you can find a publication that has all of the framing tips and tricks you need. Since they’re published on a regular basis, you’ll see constant trends, maintenance ideas, and other tidbits frequently.

2.) Talk To People Who Know the Industry

People who are part of the custom framing industry will know first hand what is set to become the next big thing. Shop owners and artists are recommended individuals to contact because they are in the industry and know what is popular across the country.

3.) Visit Your Local Shop

You’re not going to find many more people who encounter the public as frequently as business owners. Frame shop workers know the subject, talk to reps, and pick up  on new trends often also. They’ll know about the industry and its aspects. So, pick their brains and see what is commonplace in their store. Framing Impressions would love to have you visit and offer you advice!

Finding new trends doesn’t have to be an exhaustive, complicated search. When you have the right resources at your disposal, making custom framing innovative is a snap! We at Framing Impressions are happy to cater to you and help your vision come to life with our vast selection of stylish frames. Give us a call at (603)-382-7400 and see what we can do for you today.