custom framing

The Importance of Custom Framing Synergy

While Framing Impressions are big fans of getting creative and doing all sorts of designs with custom framing, we also understand the importance of a cohesive look and feel in the home. Synergy has its importance, and there are ways to ensure your art contributes to a consistent appearance.



A Calming Look

Some people love to be very expressive and unique with their decor and don’t care about a room looking inviting. We totally get it. There’s always space for that if you want to make room for it. If you’re more into a unified appearance, ensuring your frames’ styles match the art is a simple step that can make everything look solid.



Make The Art Pop

One way people like to make their art visible is using a bright, vibrant frame with a design that meshes well with the art style. A synergetic approach compliments the art better than something bolder or with a different type of style. A neutral color that matches the art itself will make it look more polished and professional. Just make sure it matches the rest of the space!



Tying All Pieces Together

A matching, complimentary frame that matches your room with both color and design will make everything in it tie together much better than anything else would. It will also bring attention to all of the other pieces in the room, which makes it that much more pleasing to the eye. It’s easier to digest a room when it has some consistency.

Choosing to go with an expressive frame that does not match your art is completely up to you. It can be bold and unique. Still, there is something to be said about taking an approach to custom framing that includes synergy. For all of your custom framing needs and more, give Framing Impressions a call at (603)-382-7400 and see what we can do for you today!